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 Human Beings have long sought to enrich their lives and to awaken to their full natures as created being, to establish and maintain a "Connection" with Great Creator, This has been our species goal throughout All of our previous generations. Their Creed (Way of daily life) with that focal goal, became to include "customs", ways of Living Life through spiritual practices including prayer, meditation, mind-body disciplines, service, ritual, community liturgy, holy-day and seasonal observances, and rites of passage.


 Today, society defines such Spirituality based ways of daily life in mind, body and spirit, as being "Primary religious practices", or in short, our Creator given Right to our freedoms of belief, speech, and intelligence. Only because those are intended, or especially likely to bring about exceptional states of consciousness... Enlightenment such as attained by the direct experience of and with the divine, of cosmic unity, or of boundless awareness does bring about conflict and the attempted infringement upon we the people who actively and outwardly display such practice.

 We, as Kautantowit's Mecautea do not Judge nor condemn no more than we set out to infringe nor discourage Any Member from Any "religious" belief practice Any Members individual right of choice in regards to their own individual creed. We do Not require Conversion, we do Not force Indoctrination, all we Require is that all  are given proper RESPECT,and that ALL show such respect for Our Ways when KM members come together, especially for ceremony, services, events and fellowship. We also encourage our members to remain  Consciously aware that many view us as a reflection upon the tribal culture and so maintain a higher respect standard to ensure an honorable conduct is seen.


 In short, we as the creation called Human Being all each perfectly created in our own unique ways. We are one of, and in turn to be one With the whole of Creation. How we do so determines our eternal standing position with our Great Creator and too, reflects upon the honor of our ancestor relations, as well as impact on the entire web of creation. As living beings, whatever our species or difference within it, are and have rights to creation and to our individual relationship with our Great Creator. We see no gain in further adding to the discouragement and damaging of it, especially understanding the Importance of it, and too, the shame our ancestor relations suffer if we intentionally Do. 

 All creation is our inheritance... given from Creator through our ancestor relations that we Borrow from our descendants, and all of the rest of creations as well. All that we do, and Don't do WILL and Does affect the whole of the web of our collective existence and in turn creates as well as dictates our obligations and expectations to honorably preserve them... one and all... especially considering it's Our Species doing the most damage negatively affecting them! 

KM Apprentice Member Code


 KM 's members are viewed as being member apprentice's. This means our members are actively being taught by those experienced in some specific specialty practice, familiar with the terrain, and who act to facilitate the spiritual practices of others in the best ways possible to best benefit the member seeking guidance in which they are learning first hand how to properly offer. A KM apprentice member need not claim exclusive or definitive knowledge of the terrain, and us Always encouraged to seek the counsel of qualified elder members.


 In Kautantowit's Mecautea, we honor such Mecautea (warrior soldiers) with official positions, and too, honor our members right to also declare positions honoring them as well. We are All one relation, brother and sister by our definition of species, and we know that we are all Equal in the eye of Creator... that the insignificant lines of division instilled our societies but we do so for the ultimate flow for the benefit of our members as KM.

 Because we understand that every action has and equal and too Opposite Reaction, spiritual practices, and especially primary religious practices, do carry a certain degree of risks to both the guide as well as the member. Therefore, when an individual chooses to practice with the assistance of a guide, both take on special responsibilities, and the guide additionally takes on more obligation in the eye of Great Creator. The Grandparent Councils of Kautantowitit's Mecautea (KM) whom oversee our reflection regarding Spiritual Practices put forth the following Code of Ethics for those who serve as spiritual guides on behalf of our "Church":

  1. [Intention] Spiritual guides are to practice and serve in ways that cultivate awareness, empathy, and wisdom.

  2. [Serving Society] Spiritual practices are to be designed and conducted in ways that respect the common good, with due regard for public safety, health, and order. Because the increased awareness gained from spiritual practices can catalyze desire for personal and social change, guides shall use special care to help direct the energies of those they serve, as well as their own, in responsible ways that reflect a loving regard for all life.

  3. [Serving Individuals] Kautantowit's Mecautea Spiritual guides shall respect and seek to preserve the autonomy and dignity of each person. Participation in any primary religious practice must be voluntary and based on prior disclosure and consent given individually by each participant while in an ordinary state of consciousness. Disclosure shall include, at a minimum, discussion of any elements of the practice that could reasonably be seen as presenting physical or psychological risks. In particular, participants must be warned that primary religious experience can be difficult and dramatically transformative.

    KM Guides shall make reasonable preparations to protect each participant's health and safety during spiritual practices and in the periods of vulnerability that may follow. Limits on the behaviors of participants and facilitators are to be made clear and agreed upon in advance of any session. Appropriate customs of confidentiality are to be established and honored.


  4. [Competence] Kautantowit's Mecautea Spiritual guides shall assist with only those practices for which they are qualified by personal experience and by training or education, and to lead a fellow member to a guide that are in position of assisting them with qualified guides for their intended purpose. Kautantowit's Mecautea are NOT to Encourage nor lead a member into the ways of the Bad Medicine Road, only to aid in the clearing of them from it.

  5. [Integrity] Spiritual guides of Kautantowit's Mecautea shall strive to be aware of how their own belief systems, values, needs, and limitations affect their work. During primary religious practices, participants may be especially open to suggestion, manipulation, and exploitation; therefore, KM spiritual guides pledge to protect participants and not to allow anyone to use that vulnerability in ways that harm participants or others.

  6. [Quiet Presence] To help safeguard against the harmful consequences of personal and organizational ambition, Kautantowit's Mecautea's spiritual tribal communities are usually better allowed to grow through attraction rather than active promotion, though we do not frown on however one is led to our unification and we welcome ALL who are interested in the Honorable creed of Turtle Island.

  7. [Not for Profit] Spiritual practices are to be conducted in the spirit of service. Our member apprentices shall strive to accommodate participants without regard to their ability to pay or make donations, though token offerings of gratitude are tradition and encouraged.

  8. [Tolerance] Member apprentices presenting themselves as representatives of Kautantowit's Mecautea shall practice openness and respect towards people whose beliefs are in apparent contradiction to their own.

  9. [Peer Review] Each apprentice of KM shall seek the regular counsel of other guides within Kautantowit's Mecautea to help ensure the wholesomeness of his or her practices and shall offer counsel when there is need to they as well as to members seeking their guidance.

Sacred Teachings of the Seven Grandfathers

declarations of a km spiritual member

1) I declare that as a part of Creator's creation, it is my belief that All Natural creation is Medicine and is a part of my established freedom to practice my religious spirituality. KM members believe in our inalienable rights as children of the Creator and of the earth and sky. We recognize that we live in a world with different governing countries that have established their own laws but we choose to respect and uphold the rules, laws and desires of Great Creator alone as our sole authority. 

2) I agree that I will follow the practice of "First, Do Good" and that I will, to the best of my ability, make this the guiding practice of my daily spiritual healing, journey and mission.  

3) For my development as a Spiritual Healer, I will faithfully study traditional healing methods and work to become educated in the various materials suggested by the sachem and spiritual healers of Kautantowit Mecautea Native American Church. 

4) I will donate from my surplus, as the Spirit directs, to KM Church so that the progression of the Church may move  forward and become fully established in all areas of the world.  (The Church do not have a paid clergy so all donations go to building up the Church and giving greater support to our members.)

5) I will strive to establish a Native American Church gathering in my area if none is already present, and I will dedicate time, talent and resources, as suggested to me by the Spirit, to forward the purpose of that gathering in sacred way.
Covenant Obligations are the foundation of furthering Kautantowit Mecautea Native American Church's Ministry because we know that Healing the World depends upon each of our faithfulness, determination and commitment to the cause.  


If you feel that you can be true to the Declarations and the Moral Compass code of ethical conduct, then your request for Spiritual Adoption will more likely than not be approved.

For those of you interested in learning more about what it means and entails to be a Mecautea, please follow the link button below to learn about our Journey as an KM "Warrior!"

When you engage in spiritual practices designed to bring about profound changes in consciousness, as a Kautantowit's Mecautea member, we hoghly and strongly emphasize that you will consider your intentions and will choose carefully the occasion and location for the practice, that you will be well informed about the mental and physical effects, anticipate reasonably foreseeable risks to yourself and others, and employ safeguards to minimize these risks.

We felt it appropriate at this time to encourage you to take a few moments and familiarize you with the tribes "Law" that helped to form today's "Law Foundation" upon Turtle Island in the hopes to help enlighten you to our core root structure.

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