Kautantowit’s Mecautea

And our Spiritual Tribal Family Collective

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Right out the gate, it's important to us that you know and as clearly as is possible comprehend that just because our existence as a church is "Native" to "America" does NOT mean that we are an "Indian Church." Time and again we get an immediate conclusion drawn that "Native American" means or is only "Indians" which is both sad and frustrating to say the least because it only confirms the delusional reality that oppressor is pridefully drawing the people into and the strategic twisting of language  being the key tool in achieving it makes it an even bigger Embarrassment on our species collectively, which is a whole other small handful of topics of elder wisdom in itself to be had another time as we have and will again time after time most likely as we proceed forward in our goals and objectives collectively as Kautantowit's Mecautea (KM)

as where this is now swaying a bit toward our past that even if briefly you should take into account as you proceed to check us out. We Have however proven our merit and sincere devotion toward honoring the wisdom teachings to be had in tribal culture as we've woven them into the core root fibers of Kautantowit's Mecautea as a whole, including the gift blessing of our very name by the tribe of our sachem's great grandmother as well as formal blessings from Two Separate "Native American Churches" if That makes any difference to ya~

Bottom Line Is, nationality, blood quanta nor skin pigmentation or anything else is relevant as far as KM is concerned, if you were born here, meaning Turtle Island, then KM is here to welcome as well as do our best to represent and respect YOU!  Humans are an immortal spiritual being and all people of any race, color or creed are created with equal and inalienable rights. We believe in the right and duty of persons to work for the good of themselves and others and in the protection of their welfare in so doing; that all each have inalienable rights to their own religious practices and their performance. that all men have inalienable rights to their own lives, that all have inalienable rights to their sanity. All men have inalienable rights to their own defense.

The rights to be treated equally based on creed, and to freely hold and practice creed beliefs of one's choosing, are essential fundamental human rights KM treasures and protects and insist that All members honor and respect the right of each and every individual human being to be free from religious or creed-based pressure.

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 The core of our root system is west coast based, though we are and continuously Strive to honorably represent the people of Turtle Island and welcome all our fellow human beings to join us. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, we're talking about the continents named "America" - north, central and south and all counted as with or part of them especially specifically the North American continent. We do this under the concept that Kautantowit (Great Creator) willed this group unification to happen here upon "Turtle Island" else he wouldn't have had ALL nationalities of we the species "Human Being" each migrate To Turtle Island, after all, historically speaking it Was the only continent of land NOT "planted" with the human species of ANY Nationality back in the time of it's establishment!

As we, the Mecautea of Kautantowit offer our father tobacco and our mother cannabis this morning with our prayers, we realize and welcome the big changes that are coming for all life upon and including our mother globe for the greater good of the ALL and Whole of the sacred hoops of creation.


 As mecautea, we comprehend that this is a new beginning, that this is our time as warriors of the Rainbow and buildrs of Rainbow Bridge, the beginning of the indigenous way of life of, with and as children of our mother the Earth is now upon us and that we are essential to lead our world through the Seventh and into the Eighth Sacred Fire times as instrucred and expcted by our elder and ancestor relations in Good Medicine way..


As children of the divine Great Creator, we must return to the old ways of thinking, praying and daily life creeds. We know that we must gather our thoughts to choose which way we our moral compass has us going and that those who will lead us to the glory of our ancestors including Great Creator.


We the Mecautea must put our minds together, so we can move forward as one powerful force. The time has come for us to share our knowledge, share our wisdom, our teachings, and share our way of life so that all can experience what the Divine Creator wishes and desires for us to have.


May great spirit and our elders turned ancestors guide our steps so that we may do this in a good way... without anger, hatred, and ,resentment towards other human beings.


Because we all are made by the hands and spirit of the creator, we are all related and equal as children of creation.


The Medicine Wheel teaches us this, and we must respect and honor the old teachings at this time. I ask that you think about this as you move forward in your day. we must be of benefit to other human beings, so that we can bring healing to the people. this is our job, and the creator has spoken it is time for us to go to work.