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Kautantowit’s Mecautea

And our Spiritual Tribal Family Collective

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The Warrior Church of Hemperor Herer

We are a Free-Standing SPIRITUAL COLLECTIVE federally affirmed 508 (c) (1) (a) Faith Based Organization (FBO),which is defined as a religious, non-profit, tax-exempt church. For more information, please click the link button immediately below:

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Contrary to what many proclaim, We are the Kautantowit's Mecautea (KM), and as the whole of the Kautantowit's Mecautea Spiritual Tribal Family, we operate under the Natural laws of Earth & Sky under Only the subject jurisdiction of the Great Divine. We are and contain the longest standing  claim of said subject jurisdiction of Natural Law and of ALL the Natural Gifts (plants, animals, fungi, metals, vitamins, minerals, liquids, etc.) of and from our beloved Mother Earth.


We remain completely un-constricted by all lesser "Authority" than Divine Creator as a 508(c)(1)(a) with the broadest right of claim of rightful POWER and "authority" to the whole of earth and sky on behalf of All living breathing beings regardless of species, form or other indifference, and we firmly as well as confidently stand and act of behalf of All of the Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Cultural and Multi-Denoniminational Faith Based Pr (House/Temple = "Church Organization"), representing honorably the ancients of Great Divine revered by our elders and ancestors before us... for the sake and preservation of such Creeds for our descending generations still yet to come. 

We, Kautantowit's Mecautea Spiritual Tribal Family, are and remain the longest active frontline defenders of Life as well as to and for All of the sacred medicines gifted to us by Earth & Sky with the specific instructions to use, consume and in all ways utilize them Respectfully for our individual as well as collective benefit and over all well-being and to also be mindful and considerate to the well-being of all of our earthly relations as well, including earth herself.


You see, we refer to Earth as a feminine concept (Mother) because Earth is all of our bringer, giver and preserver of life... all life, including and beyond our very own species. We know that without that act of compassion and common sense that we and our planet would have no life including all of our fellow varying species who share Earth with us. So is why you will frequently hear us refer to Earth as being our mother, to reaffirm the Creeds of our various ancestor generations and encourage all others to start looking at her in such a way so she is treated better than she's been being, especially within the last 100 years.

Because of that obligatory disposition, WE, Kautantowit's Mecautea and in turn the ever-expanding KM Spiritual Tribal Family, have and remain very publicly visible on many of the frontlines create by such infringement upon our subject jurisdiction of natural as well as alien (nature-based with human manipulation) sacred medicines included into the Federal Controlled Substances Act by and within the incorporated aspects of the continental United States of America at both the state and federal level as far as their public arena's go, and why we remain free from any criminal challenge or conviction encompassing our efforts and operations being to ensure the safety and best interest of All our fellow heirs of Earth above all and without fuel of materialistic gain for all our years in operation.

ALL of, from and upon our mother this earth Is ALL of our inheritance while our existence remains. For this same reason frequently too you will hear us refer to the skies as being a male aspect figuratively and refer to sky as being father, as too the sun as representing grandfather and our moon as grandmother when and as we reference to these things.


Beings Kautantowit's Mecautea came into being within the boundaries proclaimed as being incorporated territoories of the United States Inc. we know that the majority of corporate nations including USA Inc. itself determine and conclude us as being "culturally diverse" in proper and polite terminology... mongreals of the "melting pot" cynically recistly speaking, making insenuation that we should for some reason be embarrassed or ashamed of said conclusion. We as the whole of the Kautantowit's Mecautea Spiritual Tribal Family not only comprehend and Accept such conclusion but we CLAIM and strive to protect and preserve it as Respectfully as is possible for us to do. Preservation of our cultures is an act of respect for ourselves, our ancestors, creation and the ancients and Great Divine which is our obligation as well as basic standard of responsibility of expectation as a Pr.  

Make no mistake in that Kautantowit's Mecautea has been honorably fighting at the very frontlines of "The War on Drugs" since the birth of our existence as had our founding ancestors before us... and we intend to remain until man's "War on Nature" is ended, one way or another.


KM has been advocating for Cannabis Sativa's liberation from state and federal constriction without hesitation, while advocating for patients, animal and even planetary rights of need and benefits from it, while alone pressing forward the mushroom liberation movement now progressing toward being publicly exploited and constricted much has sativa and the entire cannabis plant family have been being for selfish unlawful profit, and for all of the sacred natural medicines across the earthly board since 2008 - when NO Other Church/Temple/Coven would "take the risk" of expanding the perception that and the majority chose to stand against us on it.


We as KM and our beloved elder turned ancestor Founders KNEW that more than just cannabis was in need of respect and preservation as a sacred medicine, and that no one would stand with individuals who would choose to utilize them for spiritual as well as medical and ecological purpose in responsible way despite logic and basic, undeniable common sense. Now, we actively fight these and others who HONORABLY willingly fight the good fight with and as our spiritual tribal family brothers and sisters in arms collectively. Afterall, The Great Divine (God/Goddess) placed earthly "Power" of Authority and Obligation in "We The People" via our sacred breath of Life.

It's funny and yet Insulting to see and hear these new-springing churches CLAIM that They are or were the "first church" of or to do this or that as they come slithering to the frontlines of the battlefields long pre-occupied by we and our Founders, and act as if they're somehow deserving of such credits or respect and deserving of a "red carpet" treatment of honor and automatic Trust as if They are or have stood Honorably among our warriors, If they had, then where have they been since not beside us? Yet humbly we digress... knowing we and our members know Better even if the masses on Mother Earth do not! 




Just make NO MISTAKE in that 

KM IS and Forever Remains the FIRST:

"NON-SELLOUT [(501(C)(3)] CHURCH";

(We are and will remain a 508(c)(1)(a) Faith Based Organization)


(We are and will remain governed ONLY by "Divine (Natural) Law")


(We are and will remain defenders of All Natural Medicines)


(We are and remain the First Defenders of True "Communion" substances)


(We are and will remain an un-constricted Spiritually Based Organization)

KM have many valuable core roots ranging from our deepest roots, our oldest being to the United Cannabis Ministry which to date remains the oldest and longest operating frontline cannabis warrior church nation and world-wide, and Never yet having Any form of legal issue or challenge come against it or us to date (knock on wood), through to our Egyptian root which is the oldest "religion" of we Goyim (Gentiles) and which has an unchallengeable claim not only to cannabis but to many other of our beloved sacred medicines.


We as KM continue to fight for ALL of our rights including our beloved essential sacred medicines as the words masses slowly come to re-learn of their important significance and gift offerings.


 KM REFUSES to Sellout by taking the corporate knees to an Inferior Authority (oppressive government) for money or any other offering of material gain. Believe it or not, Most "Churches" do and have, which in that case we say to them: "By all means claim your rightful title boo boo cause it's all yours and is one we will never want, have or need... our Integrity means far more than that!"

Due to the unfortunate passing of our Egyptian temple leader, Artist Michael Meyers, per his direct personable last request, Sachem Graves and the founders of KM have proudly and yet humbly agreed that the then dormant temple be absorbed into the KM for it's preservation and future continuation and flourishment.

KM have also gained many "olive branch gifts of recognition" respect and ordainments from several other church organizations of varying denominations as well as from two separate Native American Churches and maintains confederations with many other like-minded churches and tribes/ tribal members. For a time and to help make some pertinent points, we reflected KM as being a Native American Church but ultimately feel it's more appropriate for us to reflect what we are and truly represent... All natives and their descending nationalities and creeds of continental North America... which let's face facts, such claim encompasses ALL humans history and creeds -


THAT is the Divinely given rights for all we Mongrels and by gawd KM steps forward enforcing that claim and disposition unlike no other ever yet has tried while welcoming all others to JOIN US!

Right out the gate, it's important to us that you know and as clearly as is possible comprehend that just because our existence as a church is "Native" to "America" does NOT mean that we are an "Indian Church." Time and again we get an immediate conclusion drawn that "Native American" means or is only "Indians" which is both sad and frustrating to say the least because it only confirms the delusional reality that oppressor is pridefully drawing the people into and the strategic twisting of language  being the key tool in achieving it makes it an even bigger Embarrassment on our species collectively, which is a whole other small handful of topics of elder wisdom in itself to be had another time as we have and will again time after time most likely as we proceed forward in our goals and objectives collectively as Kautantowit's Mecautea (KM) as where this is now swaying a bit toward our past that even if briefly you should take into account as you proceed to check us out.


We Have however proven our merit and sincere devotion toward honoring the wisdom teachings to be had in tribal culture as we've woven them into the core root fibers of Kautantowit's Mecautea as a whole, including the gift blessing of our very name by the tribe of our sachem's great grandmother as well as formal blessings from Two Separate "Native American Churches" if That makes any difference to ya~ and we maintain confederations with several other NAC's and even tribes as a whole as well.

Bottom Line Is, nationality, blood quantum nor skin pigmentation or anything else is relevant as far as KM is concerned, if you were born here, meaning Turtle Island, then KM is here to welcome as well as do our best to represent and respect YOU!  Humans are an immortal spiritual being and all people of any race, color or creed are created with equal and inalienable rights. We believe in the right and duty of persons to work for the good of themselves and others and in the protection of their welfare in so doing; that all each have inalienable rights to their own religious practices and their performance. that all men have inalienable rights to their own lives, that all have inalienable rights to their sanity. All men have inalienable rights to their own defense.

The rights to be treated equally based on creed, and to freely hold and practice creed beliefs of one's choosing, are essential fundamental human rights KM treasures and protects and insist that All members honor and respect the right of each and every individual human being to be free from religious or creed-based pressure.

KM incorporates the tribal ways and teachings BUT we do NOT CONSTRICT our members to it or any other specific creeds encompassing spirituality period and never intend to, that's each one's own individual right of choice, KM supports and strives to defend and preserve all.

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 The core of our root system of KM is west coast based, though we are and continuously Strive to honorably represent the people of Turtle Island and welcome all our fellow human beings to join us. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, we're talking about the continents named "America" - north, central and south and all counted as with or part of them especially specifically the North American continent.


We do this under the concept that Kautantowit (Great Creator) willed this group unification to happen here upon "Turtle Island" else he wouldn't have had ALL nationalities of we the species "Human Being" each migrate To Turtle Island, after all, historically speaking it Was the only continent of land NOT "planted" with the human species of ANY Nationality back in the time of it's establishment!

As we, the Mecautea of Kautantowit offer our father tobacco and our mother cannabis this morning with our prayers, we realize and welcome the big changes that are coming for all life upon and including our mother globe for the greater good of the ALL and Whole of the sacred hoops of creation.


 As Mecautea, we comprehend that this is a new beginning, that this is our time as warriors of the Rainbow and builders of Rainbow Bridge, the beginning of the indigenous way of life of, with and as children of our mother the Earth is now upon us and that we are essential to lead our world through the Seventh and into the Eighth Sacred Fire times as instructed and expected by our elder and ancestor relations in Good Medicine way.


As children of the divine Great Creator, we must return to the old ways of thinking, praying and daily life creeds. We know that we must gather our thoughts to choose which way we our moral compass has us going and that those who will lead us to the glory of our ancestors including Great Creator.


We the Mecautea must put our minds together, so we can move forward as one powerful force. The time has come for us to share our knowledge, share our wisdom, our teachings, and share our way of life so that all can experience what the Divine Creator wishes and desires for us to have.


May great spirit and our elders turned ancestors guide our steps so that we may do this in a good way... without anger, hatred, and resentment towards other human beings.


Because we all are made by the hands and spirit of the creator, we are all related and equal as children of creation.


The Medicine Wheel teaches us this, and we must respect and honor the old teachings at this time. I ask that you think about this as you move forward in your day. we must be of benefit to other human beings, so that we can bring healing to the people. this is our job, and the creator has spoken it is time for us to go to work.

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