(Great Creator's Warrior Soldiers who fight off evil & the enemy)
Securing The Rainbow

Warm Greetings, and Welcome to Kautantowit's Mecautea!


 We are very grateful that you have found your way among us, and our hope is that by encounters end, you too are grateful that you've found yourself among us and that somehow we've helped to enlighten you to your importance in the sacred web of earthly life during this exact moment in earthly time. We as al living beings are in fact children of mother earth, our species has just gotten  a bit disconnected from the important significance of our connection to her and the web of living beings from and upon her. Hopefully we can collectively help to get you reconnected, confident in your important strand in the cosmic web of life in the here and now.

KM is the first ever central Independent church of our kind that we know of thus far since our original existence  back in early 2010 when we established ourselves as Soldiers of Jah Ministries, and that proclamation has Not changed, including even by our name change! KM came about from the blessing of many ordainment recognition's  along with other influences to our spiritual leader, Reverend Sachem Healer Joy Maxine Hawkeye Graves, including the specific blessing to "go out on the limb" and establish the first ever "church" to declare TWO primary focal sacred yet to many "controversial" medicine plants... Cannabis and the Manna's (Psychedelic Mushrooms) - We DID and we Will Continue, but it was That which ultimately  is the foundation as to what has sprouted and continues to flourish into what you see before you here today... Kautantowit's Mecautea (KM).

KM is the first ever central Independent church of our kind that we know of thus far since our original existence  back in early 2010 when we established ourselves as Soldiers of Jah Ministries, and that proclamation has Not changed, including even by our name change! KM came about from the blessing of many ordainment recognition's  along with other influences to our spiritual leader, Reverend Sachem Healer Joy Maxine Hawkeye Graves, including the specific blessing to "go out on the limb" and establish the first ever "church" to declare TWO primary focal sacred yet to many "controversial" medicine plants... Cannabis and the Manna's (Psychedelic Mushrooms) - We DID and we Will Continue, but it was Thatwhich ultimately  is the foundation as to what has sprouted and continues to flourish into what you see before you here today... Kautantowit's Mecautea (KM).

Right out the gate, it's important to us that you know and as clearly as is possible comprehend  that just because our existence as a church is "Native" to "America" does NOT mean that we are an "Indian Church." Time and again we get an immediate conclusion drawn that "Native American" means or is only "Indians" which is both sad and frustrating to say the least because it only confirms the delusional reality that oppressor is pridefully drawing the people into and the strategic twisting of language  being the key tool in achieving it makes it an even bigger Embarrassment on our species collectively, which is a whole other small handful of topics of elder wisdom in itself to be had another time as we have and will again time after time most likely as we proceed forward in our goals and objectives collectively as Kautantowit's Mecautea (KM)

as where this is now swaying a bit toward our past that even if briefly you should take into account as you proceed to check us out. We Have however proven our merit and sincere devotion toward  honoring the wisdom teachings to be had in tribal culture as we've woven them into the core root fibers of Kautantowit's Mecautea as a whole, including the gift blessing of our very name by the tribe of our sachem's great grandmother as well as formal blessings from Two Separate "Native American Churches" if That makes any difference to ya~

Bottom Line Is, nationality, blood quantum's nor skin pigmentation or anything else is relivant as far as KM is concerned, if you were born here, meaning Turtle Island, then KM is here to welcome as well as do our best to represent and respect YOU!  Human are an immortal spiritual being and all people of any race, color or creed are created with equal and inalienable rights. We believe in the right and duty of persons to work for the good of themselves and others and in the protection of their welfare in so doing; that all each have inalienable rights to their own religious practices and their performance. that all men have inalienable rights to their own lives, that all have inalienable rights to their sanity. All men have inalienable rights to their own defense.

The rights to be treated equally based on creed, and to freely hold and practice creed beliefs of one's choosing, are essential  fundamental human rights KM treasures and protects and insist that All members honor and respect the  right of each and every individual human being to be free from religious or creed-based pressure.


Furthermore, KM is not in any way shape or form willfully restricted to or be limited  in any way shape or form  to a prospective member "Having" to be born on Turtle Island to be considered for membership should You wish to because we are structured as well as officially declared and recognized as being a "Human Rights Based Spiritual organization "Church" not that we don't have faith in our foundation in fact quite the contrary our faith is in our existence in reality!

Next, it's important to us that it be emphasized that we as KM are a Non-Denominational organization because our faith and focus remains solely upon Creator and the all of Creator's creations Spiritually and That connection matters more to us as a whole than any trivial indifference to be found and had in Any organized "man-made" anything Including their religions! And why 1 as the species of human being, aren't we therefore entitled to stake claim to any and all? Looking around at how our species has been behaving, it shouldn't be Too Hard to grasp that mindset, lol, right! Never did Creator tell us to Choose between one gift or another, in fact it was pretty clear that all of everything here was for us to utilize if your "religion" is being taught right. This is why KM doesn't Focus our emphasis on Any organized religions, we remain sure-footed and steadfast in Spirituality and maintain the right to ALL of Everything as we're  Entitled to- RESPONSIBLY though is the difference! 


You see, we as KM know that to divide is to conquer which is what our common oppressors have long gotten comfortable in being able to do in regards to the masses of our species, but, look around - if Creator didn't want us flourishing then by all means we're pretty certain we wouldn't be here in the right now of today, just ask any dinosaur! So, whatever from whichever belief systems seems to help you personally feel more confidently connected with Great Creator and we among the creation, we Encourage it for you and if anything, look forward`we21 to learning more about it through your eyes  and perspectives!

Another thing that makes KM uniquely different in a good medicine way, is in that membership with us is and will forever bee completely FREE of financial charge and we do Not mandate nor solicit our members for financial funds, we stick to the teaching our elder gave "If you've gotta Pay to Pray, then run far Away!" When you come to a ceremony or service, you will not be confronted or put on the sport with a collection plate because that's Not what it's Supposed to be all about, fellowship as we see it should be about the spirituality and spiritual connection with one another as well with the rest of the web of life woven so intricately delicate in it's beauty and perfections, and now too, it's imperfections. 

Instead we prefer to honorably Earn our way, which you will easily quickly see should you decide o take even just a quick peek into what we call "KM's Den" as that is where This point shines brightest and bestest of all in our humble opinion. The Den is where you're really going to be able to see the true souls reflection as of what  it is we're all about and trying to do as KM by our own works deeds and examples, especially thanks to our own individually gifted creative and artistic talented Members while journeying the good medicine road of life as best as we can individually as well as collectively. Up at the top of our sites page you Should be able click the link button to KM's Den and have a look around at your convenience, including now if you like,, don't worry, it will open in a new window so you won't lose your place here until you decide to close the window~

But anyway, back to what we were saying, if you wish to become bona-fide members of KM, other than of coarse, by our moral compass in regards to our ethical code standards, which are in place to ensure the preservation of all of us as a whole that is Kautantowit's Mecautea!


 When asked what our primary objective is, the answer is that we are a Human Rights based "Church" first and foremost, meaning that we stand in the defense and for the assured preservation of All our Creator given rights as being among the creation with the shield of legal defense as a "Church" meaning with our First Amendment and all adjoining completely intact. We know our place and our rights as the species Human Beings, as well as our obligations and expectations to the web of creation out of Respect to our Great Creator as instructed us and we choose to freely excercise them as WE and Kautantowit (Great Creator) dee. "We are the people... the human being!"


 Because Kautantowit's Mecautea is rooted upon the fact that this land is Ours and we it's stewards, we know that we are "The People of the "Red Hoop" and that we are expected to represent Turtle Island and too also fulfill the obligations Creator has set upon us as such. As we do, we are to by example lead as well as Encourage everyone, meaning every human being period to "The Red Road" far as Creators decision of the "Four Corners" of and upon Mother Globe's web of life is concerned, regarding we the human being species that is. Kautantowit's Mecautea views it exactly just that same simple way, and regardless your "race" or your skin pigmentation, cultural creed, heritage or background whatever such things may be, we highly encourage as well as Welcome you with the hand of compassion forour fellow relation and human being, a'ho!


 We are but a single thread as a species woven within this spider-web of living life upon our mother the earth, we need Her alive and well if in turn we expect any living species here to have a half a shot at living healthy and well, now and for our future generations.

  As Kautantowit's Mecautea member, whatever your personal belief systems may be, all we care about is that they work for you specifically, which is why we say again that  we do NOT Require Any declaration of Conversion nor do we bestow any forced indoctrination. We are ultimately considered among the Non-Denominational Inner-Faith "religions" which means in short, that Your Personal beliefs, customs and choices are your own between you and Great Creator, and as such, your choices will be honored and respected - so long of coarse, that they are presented forth in that proper and honorable mannerism if and as they are presented. Kautantowit's Mecautea stands Among, not in opposition or as obstacle for any other spiritually based system, nor aims to dishonor Any Of them, and if anything at all, believe we are found as being Complimentary to them if anything, especially if they're traveling the good medicine Red Road of Great Creator! 

We need to learn HOW to live WITH the earth

 Therefore we need to listen to indigenous people and learn how to live in a more balanced way in our ecosystems because they have the wisdom our species seems to have forgotten.

Now, let's go back for a quick minute and talk a bit about our "Controversial" decisions of proclamation as to our primary focal healing plant medicines that Society has issue with... our mother and our manna's, but please know that KM uses ALL Earth-Based gifts, especially the multitudes of medicines given us by she and Great Creator be they plant, fungi, mineral, metal, liquid, elemental substance and so forth - ALL of it is All of our physical material and most importantly our Spiritual inheritance and to date, we remain the Only official "Church" who has staked official claim to More than One of the htrsy many sacred medicine of the earth, starting first and foremost, with Cannabis, which is our Mother Medicine.


Our secondary focal medicines are what we know to be the "Bread of Creator" and "Food of the Gods" and remains deeply encoded in the Holy Bible believe it or not as being just what we too prize them as being.  This of coarse are our sacred manna medicines (Mushrooms) or as we jokingly say, the fungus's among us. These are known as being the Amanita Muscaria mushroom as most commonly depicted in he Mario Brothers game of nintendo, the red mushrooms with the white spots on their caps, surely you know the ones!  And then of coarse come  the psycilibyn mushrooms. Truth is, unbeknownst to the majority of those proclaimed  "Christ believers" KNOW that their True communion substances Are These "Drugs', Most just aren't Taught that by their preechers, pastors priests, reverends rabbi's, ministers and so forth regarding their titles as "religious leaders" because for so many it remains "Controversial" and too, it would cost them Guilt Offerings from their members and attendees Trying to connect with Great Creator! Instead, these so called religious leaders instead Knowingly Substitute these true substances with placebo's and then Tell their members that if they didn't reach the Enlightenment they should have from the communion ritual, then their Lord is obviously unhappy with Some aspect in your life and you'd better pray for repentance and give a little extra in the church kitty, and if you're "faith" is in Catholicism then you HAVE to additionally say "X" amount of Hail Mary's too or you're gonna stay in deep trouble, maybe even end up in purgatory or "Hell"! 


 KM has remained at the forefront of those front lines since the Beginning of 2011 both Publicly as well as on the multi-state as and Federal levels with the United States Government and are in process of  being able to proclaim the same with Australia - and our spiritual leaders Decades Longer!  But even-though those are out here actively defending these please know we willingly will do the same for all the medicines... all the earth and ALL those living beings regardless of species physically woven into the earthly web of creator's creation As All of Our species is supposed to do... with honor, dignity, humility, gratitude and respect fueled  positive Action for the greater good Of creation!

 Many Other independent churches freely choose whether to utilize Creator's creations in sacred way, or not to. as they should, BUT, to look down upon their congregation members who Do let it be known that they personally are utilizing the gifts from Creator is where KM finds ourselves parting positions. It is detrimental and an anti-service to their congregation members who are Supposed to have "Faith" in their elders and spiritual and religious leaders when their being frowned upon for exercising such a personal decision, to the point that they Emphasize that "God isn't happy with your decision" and begin chastizing, or as they call it "Reproofing You" until you either part ways, sneak back into a closet, or change your wa to Their dictational judgmental standards to us do a real Disservice to Creator's will and agenda for our people.


 We KNOW that such behavior especially From a declared organization that is to be the representative face of Great Creator is morally out of since with how it is we are supposed to interact with one another, that it is detrimental to the purpose of Unification as well as outright False Indoctrination if we're talking about "Natural  unmodified medicines" because Creator is the one who Created them and did so with the intent of them being among Our inheritance while we're here! 

 KM appreciates and happily embraces and uses ALL Earth-Based gifts, especially the multitudes of medicines given us by she and Great Creator in whatever form they be, what species they are, or whatever Others may personally think about our choice to use or not use them, that's the beauty of being human beings, we have Individual right to choose for our own-selves what We feel is or is not for us personally... you see, we as Km Know that what we Do NOT have the right to do is to intentionally infringe upon, or try to trip up, harm or detriment the rights of another, in as well as Beyond our own species! Our concept is simple, if we take Responsibility hen wee lessen or maybe even Eliminate the baggage of Guilt that those types of teachers Insist that you have to carry All the days of your living lives, which to us, no offense, is bullshit! If there's One Lesson we should Learn from the Adamites, is that Great Creator Expects us to Sincerely "OWN OUR SHIT" individually as Well as collectively as our species.


 ALL earthly creation is All of our inheritance while we live our physical lives upon mother earth, and Therefore she and All of her children are Our responsibility! This is why our moral compass is Supposed to be our own individual guide to know between right and wrong. As our tribal elders teach, we are not Owners of mother earth, we are Borrowing today from the past And from the future generations! You who have children are "begetting" this earth righ now as it is to your children Tomorrow ya know, and what you do today will not only affect them but their children and grandchildren in future generations to come - hence the importance of leading by "Proper Example!" Creator never Said, deemed or even Expected us to prove a "Perfect" species, just to be wise enough to seek the "Good medicine Road" and actively do our best to Respect the whole of Creator's creation... looking around it would appear our species is Failing in this intended plan for our and the earth's destiny, THAT'S what KM is truly all about... the sacred hoop of earthly life... our rights to exist as we were intended by they who created us!


This is why to date we remain the Only official "Church" who has staked official claim to More than One of their many sacred plant medicines... Cannabis, which is our Mother Medicine, and of coarse the sacred manna's (Mushrooms) or as we jokingly say, the fungus's among us on the multi-state as well as Federal levels with the United States Government and are in process of the same with Australia! Not to try and boast or anything, but we truly Do have members from completely Around mother Globe as KM family. We will touch on this as well as our sacred medicines below in just a moment.


 Recently our Mother Medicine Cannabis has much question and controversy as to whether or not it is a sacred medicine. We know, respect and appreciate that it is. Our position is very clear in that All each individually have such a right as to whether or not they choose which sacraments they will or will not utilize... that is their Choice, and whether we Agree with their choices or Not, we exercise Our right to choose, and we Honor their right to choose as well as stand in their defense thereof. All we expect is that the Same Respect is given us in return, both internally as well as outwardly from the whole of life - Especially from and while among our fellow human beings whatever Your individual decision on such matters might be. As our ancestors said, "As long as they ain't hurtin' nobody, live and let live."

 So we remain clear as to Our decision regard the sacred medicines gifted us by Creator - Kautantowit Mecautea choose to respectfully use ALL, including Mother Medicine Cannabis and the manna's, for both spiritual as well as medicinal healing as well as spiritual, emotional and All Other wellness purposes. This does Not Mean that our members Must use nor abstain from using  the Manna's OR Mother Medicine, as once again, we DO Honor every individual human being's right to freely Choose whether or not they do or do not want to use Anything we may suggest, it is between they and their Great Creator. Kautantowit's Mecautea strive to honor that boundary as well as to preserve it, and offer any sort of support and resource option of and including wisdom on this and all aspects of our members lives. BUT we Do prefer ourr members do so Honorably as well as Responsibly!

Though again we emphasize that Kautantowit's Mecautea DO honor and use All sacred earth-based medicines, cannabis and our manna's are and will always remain among our focal primary medicines we use, as well is the beloved manna's (mushrooms). If you want to learn more on our stand regarding our disposition on the sacraments, and/or if you want to know more about our beloved sacred Mother Medicine Cannabis specifically, and or about our beloved manna medicines, please click on the specified links provided here:

Using cannabis smoke for prayers is a central and most essential Choice of our  spirituality & religious practice as KM ANC.
So, what's the benefit of KM being Blessed as a Native Church ?

To us, Discovering the true facts and information about the culture of true American Natives  and Our belief in the true concept of the "whole" of the power of the sacred wisdom must come from ALL our relations, that it is among the most Important of  our elders and ancestors responsibilities as well as accomplishments in which we were taught that we too must continuously strive for, and there is no greater assurance in our strides than when we are honored with the appreciation of our relations, such as we have been gifted with blessings of recognition from multiple various organized, new age and Native American "Indian" Churches.


We know the important Need for our fellow human beings to be reconnected within the web of earthly creation as willed for us by Kautantowit (Great Creator), and so we as KM continue to make great strides towards securing and offering our members the much needed access to the wisdom to be taught to us by our tribal elders as Creator instructed many many moons of generations ago, specifically in regards to:

  • True American native Spirituality,

  • 4 Hoop Shamanic Healing,

  • Multiple Indigenous Tribal Creeds,

  • Rituals and Ceremonies,

  • Basic Tribal Customs 


Additionally our members have the respect and support when it comes to choosing whether or not to learn about 

  • Basic American native "Organized Religious" beliefs, including All Aspects of our species sacred hoops, or in other words, All human Creeds!

  • Ytaditional % New Age rituals and ceremonies,

  • Creators Wheels of Astrology, 

  • KM'a Tactical  Self-Defense,

  • Basic Earth Sciences

  • and much More!

 We as Kautantowit's Mecautea do not have to "want" nor "pretend" to be anything other than what we Are... WE ARE NATIVE AMERICANS! 


 Mongrels or not, we're born here too... Creator decided we've gotta Share... the blessings as well as the burdens are our obligation, expectation and responsibility together as one.


 Kautantowit's Mecautea do Not stand For our tribal brothers and sisters... we stand WITH ALL our species who choose to Honorably ACT in the defense of the preservation of ALL our land Honorably for ALL generations of living beings yet to come as well as honoring whom have been before us for the sake of at Least the next 7 generations of All Living species upon our beloved mother globe, and all of you reading this who are like-minded Are WELCOMED to join among us as of right here right now because make No mistake, we're not going anywhere but forward.

 To learn more about us, the things we strive to achieve to get done as we grow and expand, and or to learn how to join with and or support us, please explore around on the great many links provided below, in our tool bar, and all that they may take you... and Thank You for your time as well as interest in Native American wisdom Only preserved through Native America Churches... may we all make Good Medicine together as the one tribe of human being Great Creator destined us to be ` A'ho!

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Join us in an Ojibwe prayer...

Gizhe Manidoo


I’iw nama’ewinan, maaba asemaa, miinwaa n’ode’winaanin gda-bagidinimaagom.
We offer our prayers, tobacco and our hearts.


Miigwech gda-igom n’mishomissinaanig miinwa n’ookomisinaanig jiinaago gaa-iyaajig, noongom e-iyaajig miinwaa waabang ge-iyaajig.
Thank you for the Grandfathers and Grandmothers of yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Miigwech manidoog iyaajig noodinong, iyaajig nibiing, iyaajig shkodeng miinwa iyaajig akiing.
Thank you spirits of the winds, water, fire and earth.


Miigwech manidoog iyaajig giiwedinong, waabanong, zhaawanong miinwa epangishimok.
Thank you spirits of the north, east, south and west.


Daga bi-wiidokawishinaang wii mino bimaadiziyaang.
Please help us to live a good life.




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